Dizzee slams Cowell

Dizzee Rascal has taken a well-timed swipe at Simon Cowell, claiming that he exploits his X Factor charges, stealing their royalties by forcing them to sign for Sony BMG, the label that Cowell happens to work for. Poor blighters, small wonder that no one ever bothers auditioning for X Factor, while Dizzee's 'Must be the Music' is fighting them off with big sticks. Oh, hang on.

Dizzee told The Sun, 'We give power back to the artists. It's in their hands. They earn all the money from their song on iTunes, we don't take any of their money. The artists make the money, the way it should be. Our acts are not deluded people who have woken up one day and decided that they want to be the best singer in the world. They know their craft, they've often been doing it for years. They know who they are and what they are about.'

As much as we love Dizzee, having the World Cup monstrosity 'Shout' on his roster of hits makes him a little less able to judge others. Just saying....

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