Divorce on the cards for J-Lo and Marc Anthony?

Turns out that quitting the diva circuit for a life of loved up domestic bliss, has been one big bore for Jennifer Lopez. New yummy mummy of twins Jen, is reportedly tired of hubby number 3 (Latin American singer Marc Anthony) and his controlling ways. (Marc doesn't like her making a show of her turbo bum anymore, or going out on the razzle.)

As well as blaming Marc (and not public overkill/nausea) for her career hitting the skids, an informant said; "Jennifer looked around and said: 'This is my life now? I'm a Long Island housewife?' Marc Anthony's not so thrilled either. 'She makes me miserable' he said.

The pair have been together for 4 years (which in celebrity terms spells a lifetime) but Utopia is souring faster than a bottle of milk left out in the sun and pundits are predicting imminent divorce. The pair were recently seen out at separate red carpet dos without their wedding rings - the celebrity equivalent of nailing a 'Marriage Over' press release to the head.)

Looks like Mar-Lo are experiencing what regularly happens to the citizen population, but generally doesn't end in divorce (due to a whole host of boring financial reasons) - the honeymoon period is over, and mundanity has kicked in. Welcome to the real world J-Lo. Enjoy your stay!

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