Divorce dealings

So Mucca bags £24.3 million, which is raaaather a lot of dosh. But we think Macca should really count his blessings. Okay – so fellow ageing rocker Mick Jagger only gave Jerry Hall £12.5 million in 1999, but it could have been a lot worse. If his fortune is the reported £800 million, that means he gave the lovely Heather Mills only a tiny 3% of his total worth. That’s small change! Others have coughed up a decidedly larger sum of their estates…

Let’s take footballer Thierry Henry for example. When he divorced his wife in 2007 she made off with £10 million of his £25 million fortune – a cool 40% of his total earnings. Nice! 

Then there’s Steven Spielberg who split from his wife in 1989 after 4 years of marriage. Despite the very sensible prenuptial agreement, she managed to contest it and made away with a whopping £70million – half of Spielberg’s fortune! We bet losing thaat inspired a few blockbusters…

But divorces aren’t always backstabbing, in-court battles– Neil Diamond happily gave up half of his fortune, his wife of 25 years ending up with £74 million. At the time Neil said: "She's been through thick and thin with me and deserves half of my fortune." Aaw!

(Image: from YouTube)

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