Dive of Death: David Blaine in new stunt

David Blaine is quite literally up to his old tricks again. The Houdini wannabe’s new illusion sees him tied by his feet and hung upside down 50ft above Central Park in New York

The stunt, which is called the 'Dive Of Death, starts at 8.30am (NYC Time) today and is set to last for 50 hours being billed as the most dangerous one yet.

Dr Napolitano of Hackensack University Medical Centre, New Jersey, said: "My biggest concern for him is possible clotting in the veins of his eyes, causing blindness."

Weirdo Blaine, who was born in New York will not be able to sleep for the 3 days during the endurance test and can only urinate through a tube

Multi Billionaire Donald Trump has helped finance the stunt (i.e. pay for the rope)

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