Ditched - not quite at the altar! John Mayer dumps Jennifer Aniston

Being a Hollywood A lister, anything can happen in the space of 5 minutes as regards your love life. One minute you're 'in a great place right now' with the man you're about to marry in a giant eff off LA wedding, the next you're single again, having been brutally dumped by said 'love of your life' because he's not ready to knuckle down to your baby/marriage timetable.

Such is life for Jennifer Aniston. The Mirror are reporting that the Friends star has been on the wrong end of a ditching again, because turns out big ol womaniser John Mayer wasn't ready for commitment afterall.

"There's been a bit of tension for some time. They initially opted for a break, hoping a trial split might make them stronger. Sadly it doesn't seem to have worked. John took the decision to end things as he felt he just wasn't ready for the level of commitment that Jennifer deserved. Contrary to reports, Jen didn't want to have kids or marry this year, but she did want to set a timetable for their future together. She also wanted him to assure her he would cut down his tours in the future when they did eventually have children. Initially, Jennifer was furious when he told her of his decision but now she's simply sad - not to mention a little heartbroken. Unless John has a dramatic change of heart, it's unlikely they'll rekindle their romance" a source told The Mirror.

Ah, that's a shame - they seemed pretty good together. Still, musn't grumble, plenty more fish in the sea, especially in the Hollywood pond. Balthazar Getty's bound to be on the market again soon!

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