Ditch the mum!

It now seems almost inevitable that Cheryl and Ashley will reunite, with Cheryl moving her posessions back in to Hurtmore House - no, really - the home they shared while married. Ashley has only one stipulation; Cheryl's mum, Joan Callaghan, can't live with them again. According to friends, Ashley blamed Joan for the implosion of their relationship.

A source told The Daily Mail, ‘Ashley has told Cheryl that Joan can’t be part of their relationship. He knows it can’t work with Joan in the same house. Cheryl has to believe she can trust Ashley again. It’s a big test of their new relationship as to whether he can behave himself.’

Meanwhile, Ashley has appealed to the good ol' British public not to judge him on his misdemeanors, saying, 'I’ve made mistakes, I just got to live with it. I just wish people could judge me more on football. Judge me if you come and meet me and see me. I think people judge people a little too quickly without actually knowing the facts or the real person.'

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