Ding dong the model’s gone

The rest of the totally anonymous members of Babyshambles are glad to see the (very skinny) back of Kate Moss. Drummer Adam Ficek says in a recent interview: ‘When Kate was with Pete that was all everybody cared about, and our music suffered. Kate was detrimental to the band. It was all about the lead singer and his girlfriend, not the rest of the band.’ So the music suffered, despite Kate penning lyrics to the new album?

Could this be the case of the green-eyed monster getting sick of playing gooseberry? As mixed metaphors go, we don’t have a clue.

Maybe the band should be slightly more gracious, as this week Kate also refused to take any songwriting royalties on tracks off the new album she co-wrote, leaving them with a little more cash to splash on Pete’s new addiction...pies.

Is Pete the real talent in the band? Or is he a front-man who’s all front?

(Image: from tauben’s Flickr stream)

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