Digging a Hole

Planet celebrity may seem like a utopia (or dystopia) in which anything goes - frivolous tabloid boasting about past affairs included, but it has its own set of rules. Those rules are......actually there aren't any - apart from: you're well within your rights to dump your famous g.f/b.f via the tabloids (or Twitter) if they confess to bumping uglies with someone more attractive than you.

Which is exactly what Courtney Love's boyfriend Andre Balazs has done. Following Love's revelation that she played hide the sausage (the lesbian version) with Kate Moss back in the nineties, her sweetheart has given her the heave-ho.

A source delivered some facts: 'Andre was very fond of Courtney, but found some of her behaviour embarrassing. And after a series of rows last week - including one over why she felt the need to 'out' Kate - he told her it was over.' Why she felt the need to 'out' Kate - like, duuuuuh. Andre, what world are you living in? Clearly not Planet Celeb....

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