Did we Reid-y have to see that, Alex?

It's the shoot we knew was coming, but just couldn't admit to ourselves - yes, the inevitable naked pictures of Katie Price's beau, Alex Reid. As with all 'celebrity' (we can't bring ourselves to refer to the cagefighter as a bone fide celeb just yet) naked shoots, there has to be a 'good cause' to necessitate the removal of clothing - so this time it's prostate cancer.

Reid also spilled the boring beans to Pip Schofield on This Morning about his marriage to Pricey, making himself sound a tad insecure in the process, 'My weakness is I want to be liked. I'm needy... The more I work on it, the less I need to be liked... I know the people around me love me and that's important. That's the most important thing.'

'She needs me to be needy with her... We're so into each other. There's still a lot of privacy - I'm not talking about the sex life, all that interesting stuff - I'm talking about mundane things.'

Well, you got one thing right, pal.

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