Did Sharon Osbourne pull a model's hair?

Everyone knows that Sharon Osbourne could give as good as she gets in a street fight, well turns out, she doesn't need to be on a street - a reality show will do.

According to reports in the US, police were called at the weekend after Mrs Osbourne grabbed a reality contestant by her hair and pulled as hard as she could during the filming of VH1 show "Rock of Love: Charm School." Snitches say the contestant (a model) had insulted Ozzy, sparking a vicious slanging match which resulted in Sharon grabbing the model's barnet and not letting go until she squealed. Inexplicably, the model was later seen coming out of hospital with her arm (and not her hair) in a sling. Or something like that.

The show is a Pygmalion type outfit, designed to teach the models (all plucked from a previous reality show) some manners innit. Whoever learns the most amount of etiquette over the course of the 14 episode show scoops a $100,000 jackpot. This is one little clotheshorse who might just have blown her chances....

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