Did Jacko rip off This Is It?

Another day, another plagiarism claim. This time the King of Pop is in the dock, after an Eighties singer called Paul Anka has claimed that he wrote Jacko's new release 'This Is It' in 1983. Anka says that he offered the song to Jacko under the different title, 'I Never Heard' but Jacko turned the song down. Anka then gave it to a different singer called Safire who recorded it in 1990. However before turning it down, Jackson recorded demos of the song, which Anka claims MJ then 'stole' and copied from a Hollywood recording studio, samples of which make up the new song This Is It.

Actually, not just samples....most of it. While the majority of plagiarism claims are tenuous to say the least, we have to admit, if Anka did write the song, then he's probably got a case. That said, the rights on YouTube point to Michael Jackson and Paul Anka being co-writers of the song...

Check out Safire's version of 'I Never Heard / This Is It' below, and Michael's new version.

Update: Jackson's estate has now recognised that Anka was an uncredited co-writer of the song, and the matter has been resolved. Anka will receive 50% of all profits from the song. "They did the right thing," said Anka. "I don't think that anybody tried to do the wrong thing. It was an honest mistake.

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