Did Brangelina tie the knot in New Orleans?

Never mind world peace or the fate of baby seals in the Antartic - are Brangelina now officially Mr and Mrs Brangelina? This is the burning question of the day.

According to US Star magazine, the world's most genetically blessed couple ever popped into a chapel in New Orleans for a quickie ceremony on Saturday without bothering to invite anyone or even lay on a nice spread.

Gossip specialists People Magazine have quashed the rumour saying the couple aren't even in New Orleans at the moment, but Texas - where Brad is filming a new movie.

And now the Brangelina publicity people are passing the whole thing off as daft tittle tattle too - even asking a priest at the chapel in New Orleans where they're supposed to have done the deed to say it's all a big pile of stinky pants. Which he's done. And which does not make the rat pong any the less.

So did they or didn't they? The fate of the world rests on this... What? You don't care? Pah!

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