Diana wanted to be in Bodyguard sequel

Princess Diana was keen to appear in a sequel to The Bodyguard, Kevin Costner has suggested. The actor brought up the subject in an American TV interview to be aired in May.

Costner reveals that he received the script for the proposed sequel to the blockbuster starring Whitney Houston on August 31 1997, a day before Diana was killed in the car crash in Paris. In a dark irony, the role would have featured Diana as a princess looking for protection from paparazzi.

"Diana and I had been talking about doing Bodyguard 2," said Costner. "I told her I would take care of her just the same way that I took care of Whitney. She wanted me to write it for her. I said 'I’ll tailor it for you if you're interested.' She goes: 'I am interested.'"

With Costner and Diana onboard, the studio would have leapt at the chance to make the film. It would have been intriguing to see whether the Royal Family would have permitted Diana to take a role in a high-profile Hollywood production, or whether they would have been able to stop her.

Warner Brothers are still considering a sequel to The Bodyguard, although there are no details about possible cast members. Costner is presumably too old to make a credible bodyguard and Houston is no longer with us.

A biopic following the last 2 years of the princess’s life is currently in production. Naomi Watts plays Diana in Caught in Flight, directed by German film-maker Oliver Hirschbiegel.

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