Desperate times, desperate measures: Lily Allen buys tickets to own gig

Oh dear, all is not good in the world when you have to buy tickets to your own gig. Lily Allen has admitted that she is so nervous about noone turning up to her next live concerts that she bought tickets herself rather than suffer the indignity of playing to an empty room.

However unlike the rest of us who in the same situation would have brought a bumper-sized pack of tickets and laid on free booze and a buffet all night in order to coax people down, the Smile singer's budget only stretched to 6 tickets - hardly enough to fill a huge venue.

Lily also did a shout out on Absolute Radio urging people to turn up: "I'm quite terrified that nobody is going to buy tickets so can everyone please go and buy some." Getting into the swing of things, Lily then admitted her record label had probably brought 'half the tickets to her last gig'. Time to stop telling the nice media people 'insider' secrets?

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