Desperate measures

Before Nadine Coyle's single, 'Insatiable' was released, and there were still expectations that it would be a corking hit, the Irish stunna dismissed talk of Girls Aloud getting back together. However, since then, the single has flopped on an almighty scale, and Nadine's assessing her rather limited options. And it looks like the best bet is hitching herself back on to the GA wagon.

In a telly interview attempting to drum up sales for her latest single, Nadine said, 'Thinking ahead, if I could use psychic powers, I would say yes. But it’s difficult to say because it’s not just me, it’s not just my decision, it’s everybody that has to come together and there's such a huge team behind Girls Aloud! If you remember when we travelled anywhere there were like 20 people around...'

Hmmm, what do you think - will Girls Aloud reform?

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