Derren Brown to do a trick

Magician/trickster/conman Derren Brown is planning on making a fortune for one of his lucky viewers by spending £5,000 of their money on a single spin of a roulette wheel, without telling the unsuspecting chump what he’s up to.

The plan is to win £175,000 and to look like a dead generous chap, but if it’s anything like the horse betting show he did a couple of years back, he’ll just have a load of people give him cash and he’ll give it back if he messes it up.

Derren will gamble £5,000 of someone's savings on the roulette wheel,' said a Channel 4 flunky. 'They won't even know it's their cash until the night of the show when Derren calls them.

‘If you thought predicting the lottery numbers was impressive (didn’t everyone just get annoyed at the fact it was a camera trick? - Ed), wait until you see this. It's the last show in the series and Derren will definitely go out with a bang.’

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