Derren Brown: The Events

You’ve probably seen the non-sensical TV trailer promoting Derren Brown’s new Channel 4 show ‘The Events’ - you know the one where he’s talking backwards, whilst crossing the road, looking his usual mysterious self. The 40 second promo gives nothing away about what trickery he’s planning, but now the mind controller has revealed some intriguing details.

Brown has described his new show as “potentially a career breaker” and featuring a stunt that will literally “immobolize” viewers (insert coach potato joke HERE). "The second show is a piece of media that will be played to the viewing nation and will have the effect of rendering them immobile. Not all of them, but it will stick a lot of people to their seat. It's safe and has never been done before."

He also gave some insight into one of the other illusions on the new show; "I've been writing a lot of erotic poetry and I'll be reciting that, live, into the camera for between 10 and 12 hours."

Derren Brown: The Event Live will be on Channel 4 on September 9th. Check out both TV trailers below.

Derren Brown - original trailer
Derren Brown - trailer reversed

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