Derren Brown sticks potatoes to couch

Hundreds of thousands of TV viewers were stuck to their chairs on Friday night (18 Sept) thanks to a TV stunt by mind bender Derren Brown. The show named Control The Nation which was part 2 of his series The Events on Channel 4 saw Derren play a short video using a technique called ‘perception without awareness’ (basically a white box with a swirly image in it).

Lazy people (sorry, people who it worked on) later phoned the show describing their “bizarre” accounts of being “stuck”. "It's just very bizarre. I'm trying hard to get up but I can't” said one. "I feel like the bottom of my back is wielded to my sofa" reported another.

Derren did say that he expected it to only work on less than half the viewers, but of those that it did we wonder how many used it as an excuse not to go into work today?

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