Derren Brown predicts winning lottery numbers

So, it was the TV Event of the evening last night (apart from England kicking some Croat butt over on ITV) and just he said, mind bender Derren Brown predicted the winning numbers in the Lotto draw. The 10 minute programme, shown live on all 4 Channel 4 TV channels was simultaneously broadcast with the National Lottery draw on BBC1 and saw the trickster overact, sorry nervously stand next to a large TV screening the draw.

"Congratulations to Derren Brown on the illusion he created (last night) on Channel 4. It's impossible to affect the outcome of the draw and Derren Brown did not suggest he was able to do this," a Camelot spokesperson said after the stunt.

How did he do it? God knows. But judging by the bravado comments on YouTube, a lot of people think they have the answer. The follow up show Derren Brown: The Events is on Channel 4 at 9pm this Friday (11 Sept), where all will be revealed. CHEAT! CHEAT!

In case you missed it...

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