Derek makes his move

Dragging Cheryl Tweedy to Tanzania on an 'unforgettable holiday', only to give her an unforgettably grim dose of malaria seems to have cooled the ardour between our heroine and Derek Hough. Recent stories suggest that, while Dezza's moving in with Tweedy, it's as a 'pal'.

A source close to the starry pair told The Sun, 'Derek has been flooded with offers to work in the UK. Cheryl is thrilled for him and glad that all the interest means he will be spending a lot more time on these shores. She's more than happy to have him move in. She is on her way back to full strength now and is looking forward to having a pal round to keep her company. Derek is looking for somewhere of his own in West London. But before he finds a new home, he's glad to shack up with Cheryl.'

'Shack up'? No one 'shacks up' with our Geordie princess - you watch your language, son.

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