Denied, matey

You’ve got to admire a good gatecrasher: like that Man United fan who would always find a way onto the pitch to appear in team photos, or the lads who broke into Wembley Stadium before it had been opened to kick a ball around, it’s always nice to see security rules bent just a little bit.

So hats off to the two japesters who tried to get into Johnny Depp’s trailer on the set of the new Pirate Of The Caribbean by rocking up dressed as pirates; You need some serious balls to try and get near one of the most famous film stars on the planet with nothing but a Blackbeard costume. Unfortunately for them his security were too sharp and rugby tackled them, before sending them packing – nice try boys.

‘The pair were rugby tackled by Johnny's personal bodyguards outside his trailer,’ said a source to The Sun. ‘There was no way they were getting past them. Because they were dressed in costume, they thought no one would bat an eyelid but security were too good.’

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