Den of iniquity

Have you ever dreamed of appearing on Dragon's Den, presenting your wholly unique idea to a chorus of cheers and promises to invest in a 10% share for 500 squillion pounds? Yes? Will read on, and we think you'll change your mind. Far from being the passport to success and riches, some former Den-ees have claimed that their promised 'investment' was actually a loan, to be repaid with high interest, and that the 'expert' help never materialised.

Disappointed businessman David Lees told The Daily Mail, 'Duncan and Theo were very friendly, and I was excited. We had an initial meeting, which was very positive, and met several times after that. Away from the cameras, they are normal businessmen — perfectly pleasant. Then my accountant went through the paperwork, and saw that £125,000 of the money would be a loan package with interest rates. Dragons’ Den was a great free advert. But I was under the impression they would give you the money they offer in cash straight after the show, and it really isn’t like that.'

Fellow entrepreneur Sharon Wright was also let down by the Dragons, she is pursuing a high court claim against James Caan for defamation; after realising that the 'investment' was actually a loan, she suffered a nervous breakdown.

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