Demi's gun fun

Good gawwd. We've had pics of Demi's derriere, pics of Demi tending to earthquake stricken Haitians, pics of Demi on the red carpet - and now - to complete the all American media barrage, we've got one of Demi wielding a gun. Of course! As always, this latest happy snap comes courtesy of Ashton Kutcher, who - in case you hadn't noticed, loves nothing better than to tweet lyrical about his age defying wife. Hadn't noticed? Get on Twitter!

So why is Demi wielding a rifle? We have no idea. If we had to guess, we'd say she's saving the human race. All Ashton's accompanying tweet says, is: 'This is why we don't mess with Mrs Kutcher'. (Worryingly, the pair love guns almost as much as they love each other, and even bought each other pistols as a wedding present. (Whatever happened to Egyptian cotton sheets?)

Anywaaay, Ashton, Demi, put a sock in it. We know you're rich and beautiful. Now if you don't mind, we've got more interesting Twitter feeds to follow. Like *scratches head*, er, noone.

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