Demi's a genetic freak

Hands up who's tired of Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher's media over-sharing? Well too bad, they've just shared something else. This time Ashton has called his wife a 'freak.' A bit mean, you might think, what with the glaring age difference and all. Panic not - as with any Kushton-Moore gushings the harsh quip comes with a big scoop of love. What Ashton actually said was: 'I think my wife is a genetic freak', and this was in response to a quizzing about Demi's 'big gonging biological clock.' By hook or by crook, they will procreate. Good work Ash.

Other oversharing in the ABC news interview includes, Ashton lives 'in a media zoo' and wants the keys to the cage. Translation - his relationship to social media is like sooo empowering. And poor Brittany Murphy was always the first at a party to dance. Check out the full interview here.

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