Demi & Ashton...whose tab is it on?

Offering to fly a couple of Hollywood superstars over to Blighty by private jet, must be like buying a round for everyone in the pub when you've had a skinful - a great idea at the time, not so great in the morning.

Well Amanda Holden's pockets are set to feel considerably lighter after some Twitter banter with Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher in which she invited them to the BGT final on Sat, backfired.

Holden had originally offered to fly the pair over on Simon Cowell's private jet. However when Mr Nasty requested that they come over on a bog standard first class flight instead, Twitter followers were left wondering who would foot the bill. A sun source said, “It looks like Amanda might be using up a rather large portion of her Britain’s Got Talent pay packet.”

Demi and childbride Ashton, who have been instrumental in the meteoric rise of singing sensation Susan Boyle after Demi tweeted that Susan's performance 'made her teary' were clearly miffed. Amanda tweeted: “Message for Demi!! Please someone get this to her... Simon says Yes!! But to first class tickets!!!” "What no private plane?" Demi swiftly replied.

If Amanda is living a champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget then she'll be left more open mouthed than usual at the sight of this month's credit card bill. Come on Simon, lend her the jet!

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