Demi and Ashton appear in public

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher have been spotted in public for the first time since their marriage problems were revealed.

The couple were snapped leaving their Los Angeles home apparently on their way to a counselling session in Beverley Hills.

The 48 year old actress looked shockingly skinny under baggy jeans and a loose cardigan. Her increasingly frail physique has reportedly been a major cause of concern among her friends and family. One "friend" told a US magazine that she had been starving herself since news broke of Ashton's alleged affair. "She’s very upset and hasn’t been eating," the friend said. "It’s taking its toll."

Her 33 year old husband was smoking a cigarette and sporting a scruffy beard.

Rumours about an infidelity began to circulate late last month, when Kutcher was accused of sleeping with 22 year old Sara Leal after a hot-tub party on the weekend of his sixth wedding anniversary.

Since then, the couple have spent a lot of time apart. Demi appeared without Ashton last week at the New York premiere of her new movie Margin Call.

She is said to have sought legal advice about divorce, although today's sighting has sparked rumours of a reconciliation.

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