Delta gets some excitement in the form of a stalker

The most boring couple in the world, Delta Goodrem and Brian McFadden, are being stalked on Twitter by a loony with a messiah complex.

The nutter, and self described "last new soul of our kind" was talking of murder and rape on a Twitter stream while Delta and Brian were hopping on a plane outta Sydney. The online threats are just so scary that apparently they want to get a restraining order. How are you going to restrain a nutter who rants on the internet?

While the Twitter phenomenon continues to soar in popularity, the man referring to himself as "Saviour Mankind" was continuing to profess his love and "ownership" of Goodrem.

At one point the anti-semitic "Saviour Mankind" tried to justify his obsession by asking McFadden: "How do you explain the fact that Delta lets me follow her and you don't?"

McFadden yesterday got in on it himself by replying to "Saviour Mankind" on twitter: "You are close to harm! I have your address and if something unfortunate happens to you I will be very sad! Be careful".

Ha. At least this should liven up their deadly dull lives.

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