Definitely Baby

Despite the years of boozing and drugging it up, Noel Gallager's baby making machinery is clearly in fine fettle: he's managed to impregnate a lady for the third time. Well done Noel! This will be the second child for the former Oasis member and his wife Sara Macdonald, who already have a son, Donovan - who we hope wasn't named after the appalling 60s folk star, but knowing Noel he probably was...

A source told The Sun, 'Noel and Sara are over the moon. They're so happy that Donovan will have a little partner in crime to play with. Their family is complete. Their pals have been joking that Nelson is a frontrunner on names as they think the baby was conceived on a holiday to South Africa.'

'Noel has been up to his eyes rehearsing for gigs recently and Sara has had her hands full because the family are moving house in London. The news has given them both something to smile about.'

Come on Gallaghers, give us a classic celeb name to smile about, we haven't had anything to rival 'Apple' or 'Moses' in years.

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