Deal or no consciousness

There are some things that are tense enough to give anyone the shakes; a do-or-die operation on a loved-one with brain cancer for example, could certainly be something that might make you feel a little tremble around the knee area. However Deal or No Deal most likely isn’t one of those occasions.

Or at least it’s not unless you’re 33-year-old Angela Lawler, who felt the tension of the Banker’s Gamble so much that she fainted at the desk. Her husband Simon had brought her up on stage to lend him some moral support, only to find her was the one offering support – propping her up as paramedics arrived.

‘The Banker's gamble doesn't happen often so it made the atmosphere tense - and then my wife collapsed,’ he said. ‘As soon as it happened my thoughts about the game completely went, all I cared about was Angela.

‘Angela passed out on our wedding day and everything worked out so I thought it meant everything would be OK in the game.’ Like it.

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