Dazzled by vajazzle

The day that TOWIE's Amy Childs featured a spot of nether-region ornamentation on the reality show, was the day that the non-Essex dwelling world was introduced to a thrilling new concept; vajazzling. The art of sticking plastic bit of diamante to yourself, all in the name of pulling fashion. Yesterday, Mark Wright of TOWIE fame launched the vajazzling kit at an Italian restaurant in Knightsbridge.

Vajazzling fan Childs told The Daily Mail 'At the end of the day, you can’t beat the vajazzling - Vajazzling.com said they’d sold out all over the country after the show. Big hit, big hit, I think I’ll always be known as the Vajazzle Queen. But there could be something else that people would like.’

Meanwhile, the towering intellect that is Jodie Marsh has criticised the show for offering an unfavourable impression of Essex-ites, such as her good lady self. She said, 'I and all my friends are highly ashamed of it and fairly embarrassed to say we are from Essex now, thanks to the show. It is embarrassing and the people on that show are probably the worst possible examples of people from Essex. It's just embarrassing. I think the people are just making us look stupid. I think it's great entertainment but I think overall it's an embarrassment to Essex.'

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