Daybreak Robbery

I shan’t ask if you’ve seen Daybreak because the viewing figures tell me you haven’t. But somehow the brand new ITV1 morning breakfast, which sees Adrian Chiles & Christine Bleakley opt for money & mornings rather than the comfy sofa on The One Show, has been nominated for a big TV award.

Daybreak is quite literally dropping viewing figures by thousands (last count it was sub 700,000) but it hasn’t stopped it being nominated for a National Television Awards – IT’S ONLY BEEN ON THE FRICKIN’ GOOGLE BOZ FOR TWO WEEKS! The vaguely interesting news is that it will indeed be fighting it out against The One Show for the Best Topical Magazine Programme award when the ceremony rolls into town on January 26th.

Shoe-ins for any award they’re up for are Dr Who and Sherlock Holmes, but you can see laughable full list here.

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