David Tennant Who?

When David Tennant bowed out of Dr Who at the beginning of the year with the spin-tingling line ‘I don’t want to go’, whoever came in to fill the big boots of the Timelord knew he would have a whole nation of viewers to win over.

The thesp signed up to tackle that task was Matt Smith and on Saturday night we got our first chance to see what all the hype was about when episode 1 ‘The Eleventh Hour’ was aired on BBC1 just after 6pm. Initial reaction (from the nerds) on social networking site Twitter was about the mildly-adapted opening theme tune but within 10 minutes everyone was raving the new Doctor.

As well as winning over the fans and the critics Dr Who also scored well in the TV ratings topping in the 6-7pm hour with nearly 8 million viewers, 36.9% share of the audience of all TV at that time. If Dr Who was put on at a more reasonable time rather than the early tea-time slot it’s said the show would have easily passed the double figures.

Can you hear that? That’s the sound of 10 million kids going ‘who’s David Tennant?’

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