David 'not bonkers' Arquette

There's been chatter a plenty about David Arquette losing his marbles ever since splitting from Courtney Cox. Take this article in The Sun. Here, Dave is accused of being a bit bonkers on the grounds of one damning photo of him leaving an airport. The following inferences were gleaned from the pic:

'David wheeled his own luggage through LAX airport'. Irrefutable evidence of celebrity madness, we're sure you'll agree. Like, who does that?

He was tailed by a pair of dwarves. Regardless of the fact that the duo may have been his friends, the spectacle spells tabloid madness.

Dave was also 'flanked' by an 'unknown blonde.' Again, ignore the fact that the mystery woman of light hair colouring was probably a paid member of his entourage, the evidence is mounting.

And the smoking gun? Dave later pleaded his sanity on Twitter: 'I know people think I've flipped my lid but I haven't, I'm cool.'

What next, Dave Arquette in 'eats a sandwich but leaves the crusts' shocker?

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