David Hasselhoff woke boy from coma

You remember David Hasselhoff, right? He was the big star is 80’s telly classic Knight Rider, who then went on to become the hilarious ironic student icon ‘The Hoff’, who people cheered on as they watched him drunkenly flail around, trying to eat a burger in front of his terrified daughter. What larks!

Anyway, the Britain’s Got Talent judge has claimed that once got a boy out of a coma simply by speaking to him as Michael Knight, something so beyond the realms of scientific proof we’re not even sure where to go with. Still, a good deed is a good deed, so hats off to the man.

‘The upside of being in showbiz is being able to hold the hand of a kid who is dying, you know,’ he said. ‘I did a tape for a kid saying, 'Hey buddy, it's Michael Knight, Michael Knight, come on, wake up, wake up, wake up.' The phone rang and they said, 'Remember that kid you did the tape for that was hit at that crosswalk in London? Well, we played the tape for him and he came out of the coma’.'

‘I don’t want to be corny or anything but that’s happened to me a thousand times all around the world because it can affect people in a positive way.’

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