David Duchovny & Tea Leoni : bit too steamy in the sauna

When celebrity couples have been together for longer than 5 minutes, they generally like to tell the world how it's done. Well, according to David Duchovny the key to a tip top marriage is to keep things bubbling hot in the sack. And that's quite literally - scalding.

In an interview with The Sun, the X Files hero has said that he and wife of eleven years Tea Leoni once came over so horny in a sauna that poor Tea passed out. The pair crept into the boiling chamber for a spot of steamy action while on hols.

“It was early in the relationship and we were on a weekend getaway in Vancouver. We were just all over each other – the sauna wasn’t going to stop me!" said Duchovny. But things took a turn for the too warm, when Tea conked out from the sizzling session, leaving David wondering if she hadn't carked it completely in the steamer! Thankfully not. 'I recovered pretty quickly, but Tea.....! he chuckled, reminiscing at how he managed to revive her in the end.

Duchovny also denied that Mulder and Scully would be getting jiggy on screen in upcoming film, 'The X Files: I Want To Believe'. “We pushed it more this time, but there are no bedroom scenes — we didn’t want to push it that far. Maybe in the next one. They do love each other, so, maybe...” he says. Sounds like he needs all the energy he can get for Tea though!

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