David Blaine to perform Batman stunt

It's the summer of the Bat. With the Dark Knight crushing everything in its path at the box office, our leathery flying friends have never been more high-profile. They're just about to get a little more newsworthy too - David Blaine has gone for a bat theme to his new stunt.

From September 22 to 24, the not-crazy-at-all American showman will be suspended upside down over Wollman Rink in New York's Central Park. He says he hopes that the public will come and watch the slightly dull-sounding stunt, and 'interact' with him (though from his website it seems clear that by 'interact' with him he actually means 'flash their boobs' at him).

Well David Blaine, it takes more than hanging upside down ogling breasts to make a bat. Our suggestions to make his stunt for realistic (and more fun). 1) He can only eat insects. 2) He must emit a high-pitched squeaking sound all the time he's awake. 3) He should have extensive surgery to make his face almost entirely flat. Do that David, then we'll be impressed.

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