David Blaine: not a bat, just a man who needs regular loo breaks

So David Blaine has finished his Dive of Death, and it was less a case of resting human vampire and more a case of scheduled breaks and standing around on a platform pissing.

Folk who flocked to see the magic man hanging for 60 hours straight in Central Park were said to have been disappointed by the show, during which Blaine had claimed he would relieve himself through a cathetar and/or go blind.

Neither of the two happened. Instead the conjuror was frequently spotted standing around chatting to doctors and taking a leak via the conventional means.

"He could be seen drinking an orange liquid, then he urinated behind a sheet held up by an assistant, and then he underwent an eye and heart check by a medical attendant. An hour later he took another, briefer time-out" before clambering onto the stage for the finale, the 44ft Dive of Death; essentially a bungee jump into the dark which gave the illusion of a black clad Blaine having disappeared (pumph just like that!) into the night sky.

“I’m not going to pee all over myself to satisfy those people” Blaine snapped in an interview prior to the not really very magic at all finale.

“There has been no claim that David was going to hang upside down for 60 hours without a break. In all of his discussions with the media, he said he would have to occasionally get his head above his heart and lower his legs to correct circulation. About once every hour, David comes upright for about five minutes for a medical and equipment check. He has something to drink and he relieves himself, something even David can’t do upside down” added his PR team.

So there you go. David Blaine isn't a bat afterall. But he is quite good at hanging upsidedown for a long time while keeping his sunglasses on. Check out Blaine being asked 'how he's holding up' mid dangle.

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