David Beckham says he only has three friends

He may have it all - wealth, fame, looks, a beautiful family... but believe it or not, David Beckham claims to have only three friends.

Speaking to the U.S. edition of Men’s Health magazine, Becks said: "I’ve got friends at the different teams I’ve played for, but family is the most important thing to me.

"That will always be the case. I’ve got my wife. I’ve got my four kids. I’ve got parents, grandparents still, and three really good friends.

"It’s all you need. I’d rather have three really good friends than 20 good friends."

The 36-year-old sporting star did not disclose the identity of these friends. He is known to be close to celebrities like Gordon Ramsay, Tom Cruise and James Corden.

Former Manchester United team mate Gary Neville was his best man at his wedding, and he is also personal friends with both Prince William and Prince Harry.

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