David Beckham: Matinee Idol

Tom Cruise may be about to bequeath the world a great cultural gift. And we're not talking about 'Cocktail', or that clip of the actor being mental about Scientology. Or even the sofa jumping episode. Those are all significant cultural moments, but this could be even better. Cruise wants to unleash David Beckham: the Hollywood actor. Yes, Becks as a matinee idol. With that voice.

At the premiere of his new film, 'Knight and Day' Tom Cruise told The Sun, 'I've been encouraging him to become an actor. He's got the looks, he's got everything. He'd be terrific.'

Note how Tom diplomatically stops after 'looks', and skips straight to 'everything' without quite clarifying what talents Becks has - other than looking hot in that waiters outfit he's been sporting of late. If only, for Becks's sake, we could return to the golden(balls) age of silent film...

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