David Beckham Knighthood on the Cards in 2014

England is a country of football lovers and a very traditional land with rules and customs that go back centuries. Combining the two by knighting David Beckham probably makes sense to some people but the news that the retired Real Madrid and Manchester United midfielder is on the new year’s honours list has divided opinion.

There are those who think he did more for the sarong than he did for football, and that marrying a Spice Girl is not an achievement that’s worth a Knighthood. Then there are those who point out the man’s charity work and the way that he helped improve the image of British sportsmen and woman across the world.

The retired footballer already has an OBE. The Queen gave him that in 2003 but now he’s in line for a knighthood, as long as the final checking stage is completed. Every candidate for an honour is checked in an assessment that includes a review of their fortune. If his name appears in the Honours list as expected, Victoria Beckham will have to be addressed as “Lady Victoria”.

The odds with bookmakers are pretty short at the moment, with one offering odds of 5/4 that he receives a knighthood. If he does receive a knighthood, the future Sir David Beckham will be joining the likes of Bobby Charlton and Geoff Hurst, both World Cup winners for England, and managers like Alex Ferguson and Matt Busby. Many will argue that David Beckham hasn’t achieved anything like the success that granted these guys their knighthoods, but the modern knighthood’s as much about presenting the Royals in a good light as it is about picking individuals whose achievements in their chosen field deserve recognition, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that one of the nation’s best loved sportsman is being recognised in this way.

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