David Beckham buys Posh a vineyard

Last Entertainme birthday and what did we get from our other half? A colander. A colourful one with lots of different sized holes and nice handles and all - but a colander nonetheless.

Not wanting to disappoint his lady with anything as lowly as a vegetable strainer, David Beckham on the other hand had a good think for something Posh hadn't already got. And after a long hard month of headscratching, his personal shopper suggested a vineyard. 'Alright' thought Dave, 'me and Vix like wine - we had some in Spain and it was well nice' - before coughing up a million for a brand new Californian winery.

Dave then jetted in some A list friends, TomKat Kate Beckinsale, Heidi Klum etc, popped a cork on a bottle of the estate plonk and toasted to the 'fruits of our labour' as vineyard workers toiled in the background. Posh is delighted.

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