Dave Chappelle: 'I Need to pee'

American stand-up comedian Dave Chappelle tried and failed to break the world record for the longest session of stand-up comedy when the urge to relieve oneself of waste material became too much for him – after six full hours on stage. Ouch.

The record he was trying to beat was set by Dane Cook, who finished a set last year after a whopping seven hours and 34 minutes (and beat Chappelle’s previous record of six hours). The original record was set by Richard Pryor, who cracked gags about cracker-ass crackers for two hours and 41 minutes in 1980. However, after five hours he nipped off stage at LA’s Laugh Factory for a Jimmy Riddle and was disqualified.

Chappelle is a very funny man, as anyone who has seen his stand-up or his sketch show Chappelle’s Show will know, but seven hours is a long time to be constantly on-stage for. Apparently the audience weren’t happy, but as club owner Jamie Masada rightly points out: ‘There are only two rules. You have to continuously tell jokes that are funny and you can’t leave the stage, even to go to the bathroom.’ Unlucky Dave.

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