Date nights chez Becks

When you've been married for eleven years, and faced countless accusations of infidelity, how do you keep the passion and excitement bubbling away, and more importantly, avoid throttling each other? Simple. Watch lots of reality TV shows, if possible, starring your friends. David and Victoria have given an interview where they explain the secret to a (fairly) happy marriage - date nights and rubbish telly.

The couple told the press, 'Sometimes people throw **** at us, but we get through it. We’re in the public eye so we have more to deal with than most. We accepted that years ago. It’s just about us and the family. We’re soulmates. We have a date night every Wednesday. We catch up on what we’ve missed on TV. We watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and we love Melanie B’s new reality show.’

The Kardashians and Mel B? Sounds fascinating...

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