Dark 'n' stormy

It's lucky that the Arctic Monkeys are richer than Croesus, as otherwise they would be kicking themselves at losing a potential fortune (to be honest, they probably are a bit peeved). Bar staff at Matt Helder's pub had bought a bottle of rum for £70 and cracked it open, sharing it out among friends. It was only later that they discovered that a similar bottle had fetched £40 grand at auction. Ooops...

A source told The Sun, 'The bar staff were mortified when they found out what they had done. Later on that night everyone was talking about it including Matt, Alex and former Arctics member Andy Nicholson. Everyone was shocked but found it pretty funny - except the manager who runs the pub for Matt.'

Bar staff elaborated on the pub's Facebook page saying, 'The industry experts seem to agree that we've opened a bottle of booze potentially worth about 40 grand. F***. It was a stupid mistake but it made a lovely dark 'n' stormy cocktail. Now we've got some of the country's leading rum experts investigating and coming to see us.'

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