Dappy spat at girls, court hears

Dappy’s reputation as one of the UK’s less charming music industry celebrities is hardly going to be improved by the revelations emerging from Guildford Crown Court, where the N-Dubz singer/rapper is on trial.

The prosecution alleged that Dappy started a riot in a petrol station by spitting at two girls who were unwilling to get into his car. "They were not interested in him and so his attitude changed," prosecutor Brian Stork told the court. "Instead of being polite he became rude.

"He called the girls sluts and said one was ugly. And then perhaps as a result of what was said one of the girls called him boring and he reacted by spitting at these two girls. To spit at them in this way is unwarranted and uncalled for. Fortunately the spittle landed on the ground near to where they were sitting."

All very unedifying. It is alleged that Dappy then became embroiled in a fight with David Jenkins, who was with the girls, and that Dappy spat and threw a punch at Jenkins.

The performer certainly has an unfortunate habit of finding himself in the dock. In 2008 he pleaded guilty to two accounts of assault at Chelmsford Magistrates Court after apparently spitting in a girl's face on a night out.

You would be looking at Dappy a long time before detecting signs of much intelligence. He sent abusive texts to a single mother who had criticised N-Dubz on the Chris Moyles radio show. Unfortunately N-Dubz were the faces of the Government’s campaign against cyber-bullying at the time. By way of apology Dappy’s management offered the woman free tickets to a show, which seemed like a spectacular case of missing the point.

The Guildford trial continues. Dappy denies two counts of common assault on the two women, one of assaulting Jenkins by beating and one of affray.

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