Danyl Johnson quits?

X-Factor hopeful Danyl Johnson has had a hissy fit over his choice of song for this week's show, and has threatened to walk out. Shock horror! The Mirror says Danyl went AWOL for 5 hours after he stormed out of his rehearsal lesson with vocal coach Yvie Burnett because he didn’t want to sing George Michael’s ‘Praying For Time’.

‘He literally burst out the door and ran off down Battersea High Street’ reports their insider. ‘A few production staff chased after him to try to calm him down and make him come back but he was having none of it.'

‘They even sent a car to follow him and try to make him see sense and return but he refused. He seems very angry and upset and is demanding a different song. It'll be interesting to see if Simon backs down or makes him stick with it.’

I guess we’ll all have to watch this Saturday’s show to see which song he sings in the end. Ah, see what they’ve done there?

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