Danny Dyer takes Katie Hopkins on in Twitter Battle Royale

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The day that a celebrity announces their engagement to the world is supposed to be a special one. Unfortunately for Danny Dyer, almost as soon as he announced he is to marry partner Joanne Mas, Katie Hopkins stuck her oar in and he was drawn into a war of words on Twitter with the outspoken Celebrity Big Brother star.

Dyer and Mas made the announcement that they are to marry via a Hello magazinearticle today and it was revealed that Dyer accepted a proposal from Mas on Valentines Day. The couple are childhood sweethearts and have been an item for over 20 years at this stage.

Hopkins seemed outraged on Twitter however, sticking the boot into the engagement and Dyer's appearance saying "No woman should ever propose to a man. Certainly not one with a naff bum-fluff beard and dodgy squint." Needless to say Dyer was not having any of it and he responded with "No I agree...especially when you look like ya face should be on the side of a gothic building..have a nice day ya daft sexist ya."

Hopkins stuck to her guns though and tweeted "I don't believe any woman really WANTS to propose to a man. Women would far rather be proposed TO than propose AT. @MrDDyer etc.". Dyer had the perfect response however when he said nobody would want a wife like Hopkins either who "has he look of Wilfred Bramble either".

On the happy occasion, Dyer told Hello "It was a complete bolt out of the blue but I’m so glad she did it because I don’t think I could have taken the rejection." He added his two cents on the issue that Hopkins jumped on too simply saying "I love the fact Jo proposed." Dyer had the last word by continuing on with the Bramble theme saying "I've picked a hat for you for the wedding @KTHopkins have a wonderful spiteful week my love. "

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