Danny Dyer ; ginger hair = no hair

When an actor goes ginger for his craft, it's a sign he's a proper thespian. And when an actor goes ginge and then mysteriously starts to go bald, you know he's a madman intent on doing anything in his power to prove his dramatic worth.

Danny Dyer went ginge for Channel Four football series All In the Game, because his co-star and idol, Ray Winstone encouraged him to. In fact Danny ended up looking like (in his own words) a 'ginga c*nt'. He also later discovered that Ray Winstone didn't have ginger hair when he was younger afterall (as he had claimed in order to coax Dyer into it.)

As if being called a flaming firecrotch wasn't bad enough, Dyer also claims the dye job caused his his hair to start falling out. "I couldn't get it out of my hair. It took me six months. I couldn't f***ing get it out. I kept washing it. I think I started losing my wig after that. I'm receding a bit but it only started after I dyed it. If the worst comes to the worst, I'll sue. It's down to Channel 4 I'm losing my canister." (Channel Bee)

Check out Danny with ginger hair.

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