Danny Baker to return to radio

Great news for fans of eccentric radio chat: the reports coming from Danny Baker’s camp are saying that the broadcasting legend is reacting well to his radiotherapy and should be back at work very soon – Hurray!

The news comes from both an unnamed spokesman and his good friend Danny Kelly, who remarked on the man’s ‘stoicism’. We’re sure you’ll agree that this is all excellent stuff, let’s just hope that Baker can gird his loins for the final push against the big C, and see it off once and for all.

‘He has just started radiotherapy,’ said his spokesperson. ‘He is feeling unusual but pretty good. His doctors are really pleased with him and his treatment is going very well indeed.

‘He is generally full of beans and is looking forward to being back at work in a couple of months or so.’

‘I found him in tremendous spirits,’ said Kelly. ‘Surrounded by a shambles of books, iPods and newspapers, he was exactly like his normal self – except that a tube linked his right arm to a bag of very powerful chemicals. And he was wearing his pyjamas.’

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