Dannii Minogue rules out X Factor return

Dannii Minogue has reportedly turned down a £1 million offer to return as an X Factor judge. Like she’s got something better to do with her career? She runs her own fashion label Project D, in Australia, but apart from that, seven figure offers aren’t exactly flooding her inbox.

Minogue was a judge on the show from 2018-2010, despite having little discernible singing talent of her own. Fellow judge Louis Walsh has apparently been attempting to persuade her to return. “" heard from Louis the other week on the phone," she told The Mirror. He was lovely and kept telling me to come back to the show. "I said, ‘Really? You think I’m going to leave Melbourne?’ It’s not for me. But he was ever so sweet."

Minogue claimed that X Factor fans would love to see her reunited with another judge from the golden era of X Factor – Cheryl Cole. "I haven’t spoken to Cheryl since we were last on X Factor," she said, "but fans on Twitter want us back. They call us 'Channii' and are always saying how much they miss us."

Minogue said she wants to concentrate on looking after her son Ethan and maybe even having another baby. "I’d like more children. I get very broody when I see other people’s babies," she said. "The trouble is I’m not approached by men very often."

When she is, it isn’t always welcome. "A British guy came up the other day in a bar and I just could not get rid of him. I was thinking, 'Help, help – get me out of here'. Maybe it’s a London thing. He was very forward. I couldn’t escape fast enough."

It’s understandable if she has an antipathy towards British men after details of her fling with Simon Cowell emerged in a biography of the talent show mogul. In fact that might explain why she wants to stay on the other side of the world.

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